Workshops ~ Art therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Shame and Vulnerability workshops are held regularly throughout the year to lend support and healing in areas of our life that are painful.  The goal of these workshops is to help ease the transition gently and allow for increased contentment as you journey through your life.

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an additional therapeutic technique that I use in my groups and individual work to enhance the healing process and enable the creative and unconscious right side of your brain to process your experiences.  In addition to many other modalities of therapy, art therapy is used to enhance the process and allow for a different form of self expression.

Group Therapy

Types of therapy

Somatic Experiencing Therapy

Somatic Experiencing is about physiology and the connection of our mind to our body.  Close your eyes and think about a moment in life when you were at your best.  Spend at least 10 seconds with your eyes closed, focused on this memory once you have it identified. Somatic Experiencing asks how that experience felt in your body?  How did your breathing change?  What about your posture?  Did your jaw relax?  What else?     Resourcing the  moments of relaxation, and noticing the moments of danger, help you to settle your body so that more safety is felt in the present moment to heal overwhelming experiences of the past.  Our nervous system is constantly responding to moments of perceived danger based most often on the triggers from our past.  Somatic Experiencing helps you to self-regulate and have a healing experience that enables your nervous system to settle overall and experience a greater sense of peace.  This also allows behaviors that are responding to our past settle down organically throughout the healing process. Somatic Experiencing is a naturalistic approach to understanding and harnessing the power of this natural ability within each of us.

Healing through therapy

​​We all experience difficult times in our lives.  Emotionally overwhelming experiences from our past often affect us in ways that have a lasting impact on our feelings and behaviors in the present.  Through the use of varied therapeutic techniques, and over 30 years of experience and training, I will help guide you on the gentle path to healing and help you heal the pain associated with your past. I specialize in treating individuals ages 7+ with Eating Disorders, trauma, anxiety, and also work with couples. I facilitate groups and work individually with people who are going through or have been separated, divorced, or widowed and are starting a new phase of their life.  Truth falls somewhere between chaos and silence.  Finding balance within will help you reengage your true self and have the life you deserve. Let me help ease your transition as you move forward and continue to experience your life.

The connections made in group therapy are part of the healing process created in a group.  I lead Somatic Experiencing groups for issues focused on connection, attachment, Eating Disorders, body image issues and life issues.  The work of Brene Brown is woven into my groups during which we will address and heal shame issues that prevent us from having true connection with ourselves and others.  Retreats and art therapy workshops are also held on a regular basis.

Rebuilding Your Life

Rebuilding Your Life is a workshop designed to assist those who are rebuilding their lives after divorce, being widowed,  or those who are single and in great transition.

This workshop will address issues of healing, as well as allow for a future oriented direction to begin a new journey in your life.  Through this process of healing and growing, this work is aimed at easing the transition gently from where you have been to where you would like to be.  Healing the pain of transition is difficult and through this process you will receive support as well as how to begin new directions to move forward in your life.