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Divorcing Differently

Collaborative Divorce Coaching

What is Collaborative Divorce Coaching?

We can all picture what a successful marriage looks like.  When that is no longer an option, what does a successful divorce look like? When all stakeholders walk away feeling whole and ready for healing, the process was a success.  

Collaborative Divorce is a separation and divorce process that positively restructures families rather than tearing them apart.  As a certified collaborative divorce coach, I will help you assemble a team of professionals that can be of assistance and best meet your individual and family needs.

Divorce Coaching? 

Coaching differs from therapy, in that it is a here ~ forward approach that allows you to vision your future and create a journey that best helps you to arrive at that outcome.   The goal is to provide the smoothest transition possible, during an extremely difficult time in your life.

As a certified collaborative divorce coach and licensed therapist with over 30 years of practice in family-related trauma, I will provide you a unique specialization that guides you and supports you through the separation and divorce process.  This is often a difficult, painful, and/or confusing time, and my goal is to help ease the transition in the most effective ways possible.  


In the collaborative process, you will have a voice and a say in what your future looks like, and as your coach I will help guide you to a future that allows you, and the members of your family, to thrive, rather than just survive. For more information on the collaborative divorce group that I am a member of, please visit: