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A Centering Approach to Optimal Performance

Athletic Coaching

As an athletic coach, my goal is to help you embody the memory of your best performance and help you to repeat that performance each and every time you step up to a golf tee, approach a tennis game and/or engage in any other sport or activity that you are about to be involved in.  Somatic Experiencing helps to quiet our active brain that is thinking all the time and often overriding our "gut" instincts.  Through this process of coaching we will help your body to get back on board with being the director of your performance for achieving optimal potential.


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is aimed at focusing on the areas of your life that you desire to change and allowing a forward look into your future.  The vision of where you would like to be and the journey of how best to arrive there is the goal of the coaching engagement.  Somatic Experiencing is used in this process to allow you to embody the changes you would like to see in your life and identify the resources you need to get you there.  We will examine barriers to the change that you desire and set goals with a clear path that you will identify throughout the coaching process to meet your agenda of what it is you would like to achieve.

Executive Coaching

As an executive coach, I work with the agenda that you bring to the table.  Whether you are struggling with an issue at work that is difficult for you, a lack of concentration or motivation or just general dissatisfaction, my goal is to help you reach the desired outcome that you would like to see.  Through goal setting and enhancing focus, I use Somatic Coaching to help guide you to the future you feel would be best for you. Together we will create an action plan that allows for successful outcomes to satisfy your goals and help to create a professional world that feels satisfying to you.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Collaborative Divorce is a separation and divorce process that positively restructures families rather than tearing them apart.  As a certified collaborative divorce coach, I will help you assemble a team of professionals that can be of assistance and best meet your individual and family needs.  For more information on my collaborative divorce coaching practice, click here.