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About Ann

I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker in private practice in Charlotte, NC. I have dual Master’s degrees in Social Work and Counseling from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. During my career as a therapist, in addition to my specialization in treating people with Eating Disorders and trauma, I have also worked with numerous individuals and couples who have divorced, or are currently divorcing. I also teach parenting workshops and work with many adolescents whose parents are divorced. I have worked in this field for 35 years and am trained in all modalities of therapy. My most recent training is as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and I received my SEP certification in 2010. Somatic Experiencing is my primary modality of practice mixed with psychodynamic, family systems and cognitive behavioral counseling techniques.

After earning the Certificate in Executive Coaching from Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina, I achieved credentialing as a Board Certified Coach (BCC) and a Collaborative Divorce Coach.

As a Collaborative Divorce Coach and licensed and trained mental health professional, I can be a valuable resource to divorcing couples. I can assist individuals and families in crafting parenting plans and the negotiations of their lives going forward, as well as settling anxieties that are common during separation and divorce.

Somatic Experiencing techniques are aimed at settling the nervous system and allow smoother transitions and a gentler style of collaboration. ​I continue to work as a therapist in private practice and have added coaching to my career to assist individuals and families to create their best lives going forward. In addition, I have spoken on numerous topics nationally and internationally on Somatic Experiencing, Eating Disorders, parenting, attachment, shame, and coaching.

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Ann Kreindler-Siegel | P.O. Box 11069, Charlotte NC 28220 | 704-491-5273

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